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To manage your health wealth

HealthGrid Bank
About Health Bank

HealthGrid’s Health Bank is a lifelong healthcare platform where provides the personal health information for you to understand your health status easily. This user friendly platform also helps you to manage your health and makes your health data become your health assets for lifetime. The platform provides an easy method for everyone to manage his health data and can be aware of his own health status clearly and easily just like to use the banking account in daily life.

In the age of “Live for 100 Years”, everyone should apply the function of platform’s “Health Account” to self-manage his own health towards a healthier and happier life.

Lifelong Health Bank Platform

Create the Health and Wealth

HealthGrid Bank helps you to increase your health wealth.

Wealth Managment

To help you manage your healt wealth(health data)

Provide useful body information and various records of assessment system to manage your health along with the visualized health services.

Wealth Analysis

Digitalize your health status by using our patented technolgy

HealthGrid Bank is a scientific platform, it’s a “health data center” that has been developped by our patented technology, and we analyze the data and make them visualized for everyone to understand easily.

To create your health wealth program

Everyone can reserve the muscle through the activity of "Muscle saving" to create his health wealth program (physical training methods).

As the muscle is aggressively effected on health, we will fully support you to pass the ‘muscle saving exercise’ and “Muscle Saving Project” to realize the creation of health wealth (health promotion) .

Application of wealth

The application of health wealth will enhance your participation of health management to be more proactively.

We will establish the health wealth transaction center, through your application of the health wealth(health data), will enhance your participation of health management to be more proactively.

Big data based
Score Engine
provides the visualized and digitalized information of your health status

helps to analyze the different elements of body composition,
and to make everyone’s health status
visualized and digitalized.

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Score Engine

The HealthGrid's Score Engine has been developed by using the big data of different domains and sources and also, integrated with the outstanding research achievements cooperated with the leading institutes and organizations.
With only few simple input items, you can receive the precise health assessment regularly without going to the health institution.

Japan Healthcare Business Contest 2017
Excellent Award

- Japan Patent No. 4384895 - Age evaluation and methods.
- Japan Patent Filing No. 2009-053756 – Bioinformatics assessment system and method

Body Score

“How old is your body?”

Body age:◯◯years old
Body Score:◯◯ Scroe

Analyzing the correlations among 430 different items of testing and examination data and extract into 16 indicative items after rigorous verification and validation to provide the high accuracy of overall assessment of our body health status.

【Cooperative Partners】

  • Mitsubishi Research Institute
  • Kyushu University
  • AIST - The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Metabo Index

“do you have metabolic syndrome?”

subcutaneous fat:◯◯cm2
visceral fat:◯◯cm2

Through 3 simple body measurements to evaluate the abdominal fat area and calculate the risk assessment of metabolic syndrome.

【Cooperative Partners】
・Waseda University

Health Index

“How high is your risk of illness in the future?”

Health Index:◯◯point
metabolic syndrom Score: ◯◯score

Predict your health risk according to the health check-up data, use the composite index to evaluate your health status

【Cooperative Partners】
・Nara Medical University - MBT Institute

Body balance index

“Which part of your body that you care most?”

Body age:◯◯years old
Body balance score:◯◯ score

According to the information of body type of Asian people to evaluate the body balance through the body type and th body age.

【Cooperative Partners】
・Nara Medical University - MBT Institute

Movement disorders composite index

“How old do you want to live healthily ?”

Prediction of the age for freedom of movement:◯◯years old
Movement disorders composite index:◯◯score

According the current muscle status to analyze when will the age to lose the freedom of movement.

【Cooperative Partners】
・Nara Medical University - MBT Institute

The Muscle Saving Project

HealthGrid is promoting vigorously
the “Muscle Saving Project” to support to rise up your health wealth.


Based on the TA (Total Assessment) technology,
HealthGrid has developed the products and services platform for health care management. By using the correlation of medical big data and bio-information,
we bring the complicated body information into a simple、digitalized and visualized "Total Health Assessment" for everyone can easily manage his own health.

Core Technology

Total Assessment is the unique algorithm developed by HealthGrid, we analyze the data of vitality of body、exercises、mental status and socialization to create the total assessment solution for the physical and mental evaluation.

Through the complicated analysis process, the status of total body vitality of each person can be easily be delivered. The Total Assessment is the precious and valuable asset owned by HealthGrid.


Company Introduction

【 Company vision 】
Create a science based health information platform
Make a contribution to everyone's "body health" and "comfortable and happness life".

【 Company Mission 】
Develop the basic technology and system to realize the company vision
Support health industries and promote the new type of index and standard to the world.

Company Name HealthGrid Inc.
Tokyo Office Aoyama Success Bldg. 3F 2-11-13 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo, JAPAN 107-0062
Established June 24, 2011
Capital 369,000,000 yen
Chairman of the Board and President TANAHASHI NORIE
Director 津田 晃 山羽 教文
Auditor 竹原 真市
Legal Consultant TMI